Why Use a Domena MAC5 Steam Ironing Press?

Can you imagine sitting in a chair and doing your ironing whilst catching up with your TV programmes?

Well with the Domena MAC5 steam ironing press you can and you can also considerably cut your ironing time down with professional results.

No more backache or arm ache whilst achieving the most tedious of chores in the surprisingly shortest of time using the steam ironing press.

SP4150 steam ironing press

With the MAC5 steam ironing press, the top plate, when pulled down will give 33 g/cm2 of pressure, which, along with the generated steam, will give fantastic results on any item of laundry.

The MAC5 Steam Presses can give up to 200 g steam per minute – an incredible tool for your ironing.

All Domena MAC5 models of the steam ironing press all work with a steam generator system.

Cold water is held in the water container, then, as steam is called for, this water is drawn into the steam generator, which heats the water, generating and delivering steam to the clothes press or iron.

Domena Mac5 steam ironing presses are protected against scale by using the CAPT anti-scale cartridges. Read more about the CAPT system here.

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