Our Latest Exciting Product – the ASM650 Active Ironing Board

Introducing the ASM650 Active Ironing Board

with Three functions giving crisp, professional ironing results.

Arriving next week is our most recent exciting product.

ASM650 ironing board with sucking and blowing heated surface will help you perform professional ironing results. ASM650 prevents steam and smells from going back up while ironing, removes condensate and the consequent dripping under the board; linen is well ironed and dry on both sides. Your work becomes precise and quick, if you enable the proper pedals:

The ASM650 active ironing board has three functions.

  1. A heated board speeds up ironing, and will prevent your board getting wet.
  2. A suction function will suck the cover into the board, allowing fabrics to be adherent to the working surface, thus avoiding crease formation.
  3. A blowing function lifts the most delicate fabrics, which can be ironed without being squashed, or you can just skim over the fabric with the steam from your iron.

There is also an electrical socket to connect your own steam iron, which will fit easily onto the fold-out iron holder.

Fully foldable with 2 wheels for easy transport to a cupboard, or keep it up all the time in your laundry room.



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