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Sweepa Rubber Brush


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The Sweepa rubber brush is THE BEST brush you will ever buy

….. and the secret of the Sweepa rubber brush is in the bristles.

The bristles of the Sweepa rubber brush form a squeegee action and build up a static charge that keeps dirt, dust and hair on the ground where it belongs.

The Sweepa rubber brush (as is the Sweepa broom) is manufactured by state-of-the-art rubber injection moulding equipment, using natural, organic rubber.

Perfect for pet lovers, but great for anyone. It’s a small version of the Sweepa broom, providing the same power and versatility in a hand brush.

  • Use to gently groom any animal – the bristles are so soft and gentle, your pet will love the feeling.
  • Remove fur, dust and grime from furniture.
  • Sweep small areas, scrub surfaces
  • Eliminate moisture from windows, mirrors by using the ‘squeegee’ side
  • Use after hoovering your stairs – you will be amazed at what the Sweepa brush picks up that the hoover has missed!
  • The squeege on the reverse enables you to clean windows inside and out effortlessly
  • Cleaning your car will never be easier and the rubber bristles won’t scratch
  • Outdoors, the tough bristles make easy work of dirty steps, walls, or awkward corners

The Sweepa rubber brush is washable! Sweepa’s one-piece bristle construction is 100% washable and leaves no area for bacterial build-up. Just pop it into the dishwasher!!

Stop buying a new dustpan and brush every year – get the Sweepa rubber brush that lasts and lasts.


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