CAPT System

CAPT System: Limestone Capture System

What will cause a steam generator to calcify? Depending on the region, water has a certain degree of limestone.

When there’s presence of limestone in the water during the heating process, minerals crystallise and create deposits. You already have observed this phenomenon in your kettle for example.

Over time, calcium deposits, accumulate and forms a layer on the bottom of your device which deactivates its proper functioning: this scaling leads to heating problems and furthermore can quickly lead to device failure.

Limestone is the number 1 enemy of your appliance.

CAPT: the unique system of active uptake limestone

Each MAC5 Steam Press has a limestone capture system. The water in the tank is filtered by a demineralization cassette before being heated and converted into steam. Thus, all minerals are captured by the tape and are not able to damage your steam generator. In addition, when the cassette is no more effective the user is warned that he must change it.

The EMC system ( Electronic Mineral Control ) is now the most effective anti-scale system which allows MAC5 to be the only system to offer a 6 year warranty against scaling for your steam press.

One anti-scale cartridge is included in each steam generator package, which corresponds to about 3 months of ironing (for an average rate of limestone and a weekly Ironing average duration of 2-3 hours).