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Steam Generator Ironing Presses

Domena MAC5 Italian Design Steam Ironing Presses
Are you fed up with your ironing? Has your ironing become a tedious chore? With the Domena MAC5 steam ironing press, your ironing will soon, be no longer be tiresome!

With it’s ironing board being more than 5 times the size of a traditional iron, pressing large items such as sheets and duvet covers becomes easy and fast.

The top and bottom plates lock together, therefore making the ironing press easily portable.

Use the ironing press standing up, or sitting down whilst watching TV. Eliminate backache and boredom of using a conventional iron.

The ironing presses are surprisingly easy to use. The temperature control panel is located on the top of the press, therefore making it easy to regulate the temperature.

All Domena MAC5 models of the steam ironing press all work with a steam generator system.

Cold water is held in the water container, then, as steam is called for, this water is drawn into the steam generator, which heats the water, generating and delivering steam to the clothes press or iron.

This means that you can re-fill the water reservoir at any time, so then giving uninterrupted ironing or cleaning.

All Domena Mac5 steam ironing presses use cold tap water, which cuts down on the cost of buying demineralised water.

Domena Mac5 steam ironing presses are protected against scale by using the CAPT anti-scale cartridges. Read more about the CAPT system here.
If you require more information about our steam ironing presses, please call us on 01825 764446 or 01825 768899.


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