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SP2150 Steam Ironing Press


The SP2150 steam press replaces theĀ  hugely popularĀ SP4000 Excellence steam press.

The SP2150 has the same specifications as the SP4000 Excellence, and has been modified to be significantly lighter that the SP4000.

The handle is super easy to pull down, even with one finger. If the handle should break, it is simple to fit a replacement with a couple of clicks.

A high quality steam ironing press, the SP2150 steam ironing press replaces the very popular SP4000 Excellence. With the same specification of the SP4000, it is lighter to use and proving to be a great steam press.

Use the SP2150 steam ironing press as a dry press; just pull the handle down fully so the heating plate meets the pressing bed. This action will bypass the steaming function.

Use the SP2150 steam ironing press and make ironing enjoyable and comfortable. You can operate it whilst standing up, or sitting down – you can even have your favourite TV show on!

Eliminating backache and also the boredom of using a conventional iron.

Ironing a shirt is a breeze, likewise collars, cuffs, and pockets are simple to iron out using the pressing cushion included in the box.

Sheets, duvet covers, table cloths and any large items can be folded into the ample space at the back of the ironing press. Just press the item, pull the fabric forward and press again until you have finished, achieving crisp, professional results.

If by any chance theĀ steam pressĀ is plugged in and closed about 10 seconds, the electrical heating automatically cuts off. This avoids accidents such as tripping the electric circuit, or especially risk of fire.

The locking mechanism enables the press to be particularly transportable for storage.

Features of the SP2150 SteamĀ  Ironing Press

  • Steam ironing press is ready on 3 minutes
  • Steam output as much as 120g/min
  • Removable water reservoir with level indicator; capacity 0.75l
  • You can refill the water reservoir at any time, therefore giving uninterrupted ironing
  • Type of water:tap or demineralised
  • Anti-scale cartridge – Cartridge lifetime is by visual control – dark colour is expired. Read about the CAPT system here
  • On/off switch
  • Heating plate temperature pilot light
  • Adjustable temperature thermostat
  • Anodized heating plate
  • Tilted moulded aluminium table: 68cm x 25cm
  • Tilted table for better viewing and easier layout of the linen
  • Automatic opening
  • Wide-angle opening for an easier setting of bulky items of linen, such as sheets
  • Locking latch for ease of transport and storage

Also included with the SP2150 steam generator ironing press is a small pressing cushion, instruction book and DVD

If you have any questions about the SP2150 steam ironing press, please call us on 01825 768899. Alternatively, chat to us in the box below, or use the Contact Us form here.