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Ironing Pressing Cushion


Small Pressing Cushion

Similar to a tailor’s ham, use the ironing pressing cushion with your steam press to press curved areas of clothing, such as darts, sleeves, cuffs, collars or waistlines.

An example would be, garments constructed with details such as darts, curved seams and shoulder pads would be pressed more easily with a pressing cushion in position. Use the cushion in areas where no creases are desired or to shape a tailored garment.

Place the area to be pressed onto the Ironing board. Place the pressing cushion under the dart, seam, etc. Making sure that the area to be pressed is raised; lower the pressing plate until it meets the raised area. Remember; do not force the plate to its lowest position, as this may cause damage to the unit.

Size: 8 x 4.75 x 1.5 inches


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