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Paint2It Pro – mess free painting! Similar to JML Magic Paint Tray

Original price was: £29.99.Current price is: £13.99.

Anti gravity paint tray palette.
Premium multipurpose kit for easy painting.

Take all the stress out of painting. No spills, no drips, no mess!

  • Reduces waste and mess to nearly zero
  • Cuts painting time by 50%
  • Safe to use on a ladder
  • Saves money
  • Fits any size hand
  • Easy to clean
  • Reusable

Improving Painting Projects for Everyone

Paint2it Pro cuts the mess out of painting and makes any job as hassle-free as can be. Tired of all those paint spills and dribbles? Paint2it Pro is the first anti-gravity paint tray, ensuring zero spills no matter how you hold it!

Upright, upside down or tilted, it keeps the paint perfectly contained. Accommodates up to 12 oz of paint. Washable professional liner allows for months of use.

Dramatically reduces paint wastage by ensuring an even coat. Adjustable strap fits any hand. Paint pallet holds up to 6 colours at any one time without bleeding into each other.

Work perfectly with water base paint, latex, acrylic and chalk paints.
Features 4 quick connect holes to attach your different tools and accessories.
Very easy to use with a brush or roller; just load, spread and paint!