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Domena Pump (Reference 500412508 model NME Type: 1S, 16 W, 230 V)


Original Domena Pump, Reference 500412508

Pump Model: NME, Type 1S

Ensure that your appliance is compatible by checking the product description or by contacting our customer service department on 01825 768899.

Description: Input: 5 mm, rod: 7 mm manufacturer: Ulka, Voltage: 240 V, technology: jypc-2061-a

Appliance models concerned: booster1 – 3736030793 (Domena), booster20 – booster20 (Domena), caraibes – caraibes (Domena), cd120xs – class120 (Domena), class120 – cd120xs (Domena), class150 – class150 (Domena), CX20 – 478506 (Domena), DX8 – DX8 (Domena), eaglejet – eaglejet (Domena) (Domena), Easybox 3 pr

Classification: maintenance of the laundry.